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Hubble Health is the game-changer provider app for ModuleMD, making healthcare management a breeze.

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Secure Document Management

Effortlessly upload and manage patient documents with our intuitive interface. Search for patient records, add necessary documents, and choose from various sizes for storage. With 256-bit encryption, our secure platform ensures your data is protected at every step.
Did you know? Efficient document management can reduce administrative costs by up to 30% and improve patient satisfaction by 25%.

Streamlined Patient Profiles

Update patient profiles with ease. Add a profile picture directly from your photo library or capture a new one. Keeping patient information current has never been easier.


Studies show that 85% of healthcare providers believe that up-to-date patient profiles significantly improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.

Unlock The Future Of Transcription With ModuleMD's AI Tool

From updating patient profiles and tracking vitals to snapping documents and integrating JOSH’s dictation AI, it’s got you covered. Plus, it keeps patients engaged with appointment reminders, rescheduling notifications, and even Google review prompts.

In short, Hubble Health is your pocket-sized health assistant, revolutionizing patient care one top at a time.

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ePrescriptions on the go with
Hubble Health

Enhance your clinical efficiency with Hubble Health's ePrescription feature. Easily manage prescriptions on the go, streamline patient care, and improve medication management-all from your mobile device. Experience the convenience of electronic prescriptions, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors in patient treatment.

Vital Signs and Service Attachment

Record vital signs and attach service types directly through the app. Our tools are designed to work for current and past dates, ensuring accurate record-keeping. Accurate Vital Sign Recording can lead to a 15% improvement in Patient Monitoring and a 10% reduction in Hospital Readmissions.

Instant Communication Tools

Stay connected with your patients through integrated call and direction features. Whether you need to make a quick call or navigate to a patient's address, Hubble Health has you covered. Instant communication tools can enhance patient engagement and retention by 30%, ensuring you maintain strong relationships with your patients.

Comprehensive Patient Chart

Access all patient information in one place. Our detailed patient charts provide a snapshot of your patient's medical history, making it easier to deliver personalized care. Comprehensive patient charts have been shown to improve clinical outcomes by 20% and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by 40%.

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Revolutionary JOSH Integration
- Dictation AI

Transform how you handle patient notes with JOSH, our advanced dictation AI. Convert speech to text, store transcriptions, and enhance your record-keeping with unparalleled accuracy. JOSH's AI technology can reduce documentation time by up to 80%, allowing healthcare providers to spend more time with their patients.


How JOSH Works


Voice File Submission

The mobile app sends a voice file to the JOSH platform.

AI Transcription


The voice file is converted to text using advanced AI technology.

Formatted EHR


Formatting EHR transcription and ensuring secure storage

Benefits of JOSH



JOSH's advanced algorithms ensure highly accurate transcriptions, reducing errors in patient records.



Automating note-taking can save healthcare providers up to 3 hours a day.



Transcriptions are readily available in the mobile app, facilitating quick reference and updates.

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Encourage Feedback

Prompt patients to leave Google reviews seamlessly. Boost your practice's online presence and credibility with real-time feedback. Positive online reviews can increase patient acquisition by 25% and improve your practice's reputation in the community.

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