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Pros and Cons of RPM, RTM, CCM, PCM Remote Care Programs for Your Patients

What is Inside:

  • Remote patient care program
  • Pros and Cons of RPM and RTM
  • Pros and Cons of CCM and PCM
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USP 797, Section 21 Revision 2023: An Allergy Practice Overview

What is Inside:

  • Key Changes and What They Mean
  • Key Considerations for Sterile Compounding
  • Preliminary checklist to ensure you're on the right track
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Credentialing in Medical Billing

What is Inside:

  • Requirements for Obtaining Credentials
  • Benefits and Advantages of Credentialing
  • Process Involved in Medical Billing Credentialing
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Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring

What is Inside:

  • Financial Considerations When Setting Up a RPM Program
  • Benefits of Using Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Learn to Creating a Successful RPM Program
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Denial Prevention in RCM Medical Billing Management

What is Inside:

  • Understand the magnitude of the problem
  • Categorize the root causes
  • Top Reasons for denial
  • And Get a FREE RCM Analysis
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What is ModuleMD's Revenue Cycle Management(RCM)

What is Inside:

  • Assistance with claims and remittance management
  • Help with credentialing
  • Certified coding aid
  • Real-time financial reporting
  • Creation of custom financial reports
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Practice Management and Billing Services

What is Inside:

  • Benefits of RCM Services
  • Factors to consider when deciding whether to outsource RCM or bill in-house
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What is Inside:

  • Here's an in-depth guide to selecting the best one.
  • How to build an EHR Team
  • Establish a budget for your EHR system
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2023 MIPS Value Pathways Implementation Guide

What is Inside:

  • Implementation of MIPS and MVP in 2023
  • Participation in MIPS
  • MIPS Value Pathways: A New Way to Report
  • MVP Reporting Requirements
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Understanding the world of Macra QPP and MIPS
Understanding the world of MACRA, QPP, and MIPS.

What is Inside:

  • What are the Criteria for Participating in the QPP?
  • Where to Seek Support with the Quality Payment Program
  • Effects of MACRA on Electronic Health Records (EHR)
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Chronic Care Management
What Is Chronic Care Management?

What is Inside:

  • CCM Billing Codes 2023
  • Comprehensive Care Plan Management
  • Transitional Care and Why It Matters
  • CCM Services and the Billing Practitioner
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CommonWell Health Alliance + MMD

CommonWell Health Alliance and ModuleMD Forge Partnership to Drive Healthcare Interoperability

ModuleMD, a leading innovator in Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions, has officially joined forces with the CommonWell Health Alliance, an interoperability leader that has built and scaled a nationwide health data exchange network.

PR Newswire:

ModuleMD is recognized as one of the Top 100 HealthTech Company 2023

top 100 Companies  in healthcase technology business

ModuleMD Acquires Diversified Healthcare and MedEase to Expand Revenue Cycle Management Footprint

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ModuleMD Earns 2023

Great Place To Work Certification™ in Healthcare

89% of ModuleMD employees voted that they are willing to go the extra mile to achieve success.

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Ranked as a High Performer in the top EHR software category by

ModuleMD earns top recognition in the G2 Summer 2023 report as a High Performer in the EHR category

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Aluna + MMD

Remote Patient Monitoring Partnership

Aluna and ModuleMD Partner to Bring 24/7 Remote Patient Monitoring to Practices and Respiratory Patients Product Selections

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A multi-doctor practice with six locations in the Midwest

Midwest based multi-location Allergy and Asthma practice

The Impact of Patient
No-Shows in Healthcare

The Impact of Patient
No-Shows in Healthcare

Patient no-shows are a pervasive issue for medical practices. When patients fail to attend their scheduled appointments without prior notice, it can disrupt the workflow, waste valuable time, and lead to significant financial losses. In this blog, we’ll explore the impact of patient no-shows, discuss potential solutions, and help you decide if implementing a no-show fee is the right strategy for your practice.

Evolution of AI in Healthcare:
A Glimpse into 2024

As we venture further into the digital age, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare continues to revolutionize the landscape of medical diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. In 2024, AI stands at the forefront of innovation, offering unprecedented opportunities to improve healthcare outcomes, streamline processes, and enhance patient experiences. Let's take a closer look at the evolution of AI in healthcare through the lens of key statistics and trends:

Evolution of AI
USP 797 Edition

Revamp Your Mixing Room:
USP 797 Edition

Are you ready to give your compounding area a much-needed makeover? The countdown to the November 1st, 2023 deadline has officially started, and it's time to ensure your compounding area is up to par.

Succeeding under MACRA:
What practices need to know

Confused about the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA)? Discover how ModuleMD helps practices comply with the new MIPS requirements.

Succeeding under MACRA
USP 797

Other Key Terms Related to
USP 797

To successfully navigate the requirements of USP 797, you need to become familiar with some essential terms:

ModuleMD EMR Review: Organized, Reliable, User Friendly

I loved it! It's organized if I want to look up lab tests, if I want to see when the patient was there last time, or what's been ongoing over time, simple.

ModuleMD EHR Testimonial : ModuleMD is very Customer Service Oriented

A testimonial by Jean Owen, Practice Manager at Allergy & Asthma Specialist, Kentucky.

Aluna & ModuleMD Partner to Bring 24/7 Remote Patient Monitoring to Practices & Respiratory Patients

A partnership that will help your practice improve your patient care and increase your revenue.

Improve clinic performance and financial health

Learn how you can leverage ModuleMD's expertise and suite of software and service offerings to improve clinic performance and financial health