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Revenue Cycle Management


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Let us take care of all the phases of your revenue cycle so that you can focus on delivering quality care to your patients.

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If you've worked long enough in healthcare, you've seen the gradual transition from fee-for-service to a value-based revenue model. Instead of operating like a medical storefront, modern practitioners combine the revenue cycle with patient engagement and appointment management processes. This creates a far more holistic approach to patient care relationships, boosts collections efficiency and keeps costs down at every step of the process.

The full-spectrum approach toward Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and practice management provided by ModuleMD drastically improves the efficiency of your practice from the first contact with a new patient to the last collections on their account. Professional revenue cycle management may be the key to keeping your practice open and independent if you want to stay competitive. In addition, it will help you keep active with your patients' care more efficiently than ever before.


Our Difference

What Is ModuleMD RCM for Billing and Practice Management?

Using our advanced ModuleRCM billing and practice management software is an easy way to streamline your full-cycle patient management workflow. Our software works as a standalone module or as part of a fully integrated practice software package. Integrated revenue cycle management software is a cloud-based workflow system that brings together many of the other clinical and operational elements of your practice, including:


Revenue management


Telemedicine integration

Admin Reports

Practice Management

Time Sheets

Electronic health records

Secure Messaging

Unlimited customer support

Calendar Scheduling

Patient engagement

What does ModuleRCM Software do for your Practice?

The ModuleRCM software is a sophisticated approach to full-cycle appointment and billing management. By switching to the ModuleMD RCM model, you can seamlessly integrate every step of the patient interaction into a unified billing network. This speeds up reimbursements and helps to reduce errors,offers cost savings by freeing up the time of non-clinical staff such as receptionists and billers.

Once your ModuleRCM system is up and running, you can use a single interface that is easy to move a patient from first contact and collect payments at each point of patient contact. Instead of time and resources lost from invoicing and in-house collections, or reductions in revenue caused by outsourcing billing and collections on delinquent accounts, you can use the system to automate and manage nearly your entire patient base.

Advantages of ModuleRCM

Full-Cycle Revenue Management

ModuleMD's advanced revenue cycle management software helps medical offices, streamline their collection practices, improve patient care and securely deliver critical patient claims information. The system uses automated workflows to achieve these goals with minimal human intervention, which helps keep costs down. In addition, the process creates reliable revenue transparency and significantly reduces your overhead costs while increasing productivity and, ultimately, the profitability of your practice.

Our RCM software works at several levels to bring your patient care and billing cycle under control and increase efficiency at every stage of the process. Some of the ways ModuleMD's cloud-based service helps your practice get all the revenue it's owed include:


Automated eligibility checks

Providers that automate eligibility checks & authorizations can achieve clean claim rates of 95%+ and deliver better clinical outcomes


Shortened claims cycles

A patient-centered approach to billing can reduce that worry, improve overall patient experience, and shorten the revenue cycle of claims

Admin Reports

Clean claims rates

Claims Scrubbers to achieve 99% first pass clean claims rates

Time Sheets

Financial reports

Transparent real-time financial reports

Secure Messaging


HIPAA Compliant Cloud-hosting

Calendar Scheduling

Streamlined workflows

Integrated with clearinghouse, credit card processing, collection agencies etc.,

What can we offer you?

AR Management

Accounts receivable management can be challenging without software built for the complexities of specialized medical practices. Get everything a biller needs in one screen and integrations built with billing workflow processes in mind. Our RCM software helps your accounts receivable by simplifying administrative, clinical, and billing work processes.

This shortens the typical claims cycle time and helps speed up claims submission and revenue recovery. In addition, by using a standard template for the interface and workflow process, ModuleMD's software reduces the work that has to be done to file a claim, collect on patient A/R, and process incoming payments.

AR Management

Claims Audit

Accountability is at the heart of building a transparent billing, and reliable claims auditing does more than almost any other part of the process to ensure the reporting standards your practice needs to thrive. With our RCM software as an integral part of your billing cycle process, you can quickly review EOBs, payments, and retrieve accurate financial data. This helps with reporting requirements and regulatory investigations, as well as streamlining Medicare and Medicaid audits

You can use our user friendly-software interface to generate real-time financial reports that help keep you on top of your financials and spot trends as they develop. Whether you operate a small independent clinic, large group practice or billing company, watching the ebb and flow of your business cycle helps you predict income and be prepared for the ups and downs of maintaining an independent practice.

Claims Audit

Get Your Complimentary Billing Analysis

This analysis will compare your practice to MGMA standards and identify areas where improvement is needed

We are confident we can help maximize your collection.

We believe our software and services can help maximize the collections your practice needs to stay profitable. To get you started, we offer a free RCM analysis to help you develop an accurate picture of how your practice stacks up relative to others in your field.

We compare your practice to MGMA standards and help you identify areas where inefficiencies are holding your revenue management back. Schedule your free analysis today,and find out how our RCM billing services practice management can help your business get the revenue it deserves.

Our Services

Managed Billing Services

Managed Billing Services

A/R Management

A/R Management

Claims Audit

Claims Audit

90% Revenue Collected within 30 days

90% Revenue Collected within 30 days



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Customer Case Studies

East-coast based Allergy practice

Practice Manager commented on the ModuleMD team, “I have no complaints whatsoever. Anybody I’ve ever had to deal with has been extremely helpful”



Image Description

This practice started in 1980. Practice Manager joined in 1992. They used HealthFusion prior to ModuleMD and had to build templates from the ground up something that ultimately lead them to choose ModuleMD.

ModuleMD’s templates were pre-build, so provider did not have to think about it. “It was there, and it was basically what all the allergists did”, quoting the doctor.

ModuleMD's Managed Billing Services

When ModuleMD took over billing in spring 2019, the practice was losing a lot of money due to their in-house biller not submitting timely claims or following up on rejections. Things are getting back on the right track for them now and the Practice Manager noted their list of billing follow-ups reduced significantly.


The transition from HealthFusion to ModuleMD has improved customer’s billing and operation significantly